I’ve been working with some shapes from a 2016 piece called The Concrete Content of Experience (about half-way down this page).

“The Concrete Content of Experience” (right), from my 2016 show.

I selected eight shape units and cut them from sheets of foam, then painted and assembled them. Each square is 3×3 cm (about 2.5″).

The interrelation and arrangement of elements draw the eye back and forth between similarities and differences, engaging the active mind.

Stacking the foam pieces lifts them out of the flat 2D plane, introducing depth as another dimension of engagement. Cast shadows begin to join, amend and alter the shapes while activating the environment as part of the personal experience.

(Click through for a couple more close-ups).

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“Block Print 2016” Opening Night 360

One last post related to my 2016 show: some great 360-degree video shot on opening night.

Try dragging around to see the whole room while the video plays.

Thanks to Ray at main411.ca for shooting this 360-degree video.

And thanks again to Tim for having his music become the soundtrack to this video!

First Look at the “Block Print 2016” Book

Flipping through the pages of the book of pieces from “BLOCK PRINT 2016”.

The book is a large 12 x 14 inches, hardcover, and printed by Photobook.

It will be available in our store if you’d like your own copy, or send me an e-mail.

Click through to see some stills.

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Making Block Prints With Polystyrene Foam

Using a digital projector to trace the image onto sheets of pink polystyrene foam insulation.

(Click through to see the rest of the process.)
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Solo Show of Block Prints at Kafka’s

Curator Michael Schwartz invited me to have a solo show at Kafka’s. I worked most of the summer preparing a collection of block prints and a large wallpaper installation.

The show will be up until November 14th. Kafka’s Coffee And Tea is at 2525 Main Street in Vancouver, between Broadway and 10th.

*Price list of available pieces as of Dec. 10/16 (PDF link).

I’ll post more about how I made them, but for now here’s a glimpse of most of the pieces in the show.

Left: Sutra of Past Embarrassments

Right: The Unconscious Ease of Ease

Click through for more photos of the work and some shots from opening night.
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Show at Kafka’s Closes

The 5th Anniversary group show at Kafka’s closed this week.
Perfect time to show some photos from the opening night party.

Blog-Kafka2015-03Aya’s sumi-e pieces.
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Kafka’s 5-Year Anniversary Show

Aya and I have been invited to join a group show celebrating Kafka’s fifth anniversary.
We are honoured to be included with such an amazing group of artists.
If you are in Vancouver, we would love to see you at the opening:

Thursday, July 23, 2015

8:00 pm

The show will be up for at least six weeks.

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New Portfolio Site and Blog

I’ve been working hard to update my portfolio and blog site. If you’re reading this in the e-mail announcement, come and take a look.

If you’re reading this on my blog, you’re already here!

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New Image Gallery Slideshows

Some of the changes to this portfolio blog include new slideshows of selected pieces and series. They are listed in the Image Galleries menu at the top of the page.

Click through for an illustrated how-to.
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Master Series Workshop Residency at Atlantic Center for the Arts

Recently I attended the Atlantic Center for the Arts in New Smyrna Beach, Florida, for a week of directed individual study with arts educator Steve Aimone.

Some of the completed pieces are on display in the following image galleries:

Abstracts: Series 01
Abstracts: Series 02
Abstracts: Series 03

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A piece that came to me in a 3am vision.

On the second-last night of my week at the Atlantic Center, a lot of experiences, impressions, understandings and ideas came together very late at night as a complete vision of this piece. Unable to sleep any more, I got up and followed the boardwalk through the trees to the studio and got to work.

Click through to see the finished piece (top image is only a detail).
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Correction 001

Click through to see the whole piece (top image is a detail only).

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Applied Unity Series

Two larger pieces from my abstract series Applied Unity.
Click through to see them (top image is detail only)

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Correction Series

Two smaller pieces from my abstract series Corrections.
Japanese calligraphy students hand their work in for review at the end of each lesson. When the pages come back, the teacher has painted the corrections on top in thick orange strokes. I thought it would be interesting to apply the same idea to abstract painting, as though a teacher could indicate with a specific colour where the artist had gone wrong.

Click through to see them (top image is a detail only).

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Last Few Days of Paper Presents at GAM Gallery

The group show Paper Presents at GAM Gallery runs until the end of this week, closing on Saturday, December 20.

Photo: GAM

The show is full of beautiful, affordable pieces that really show off Vancouver’s unique pool of artists. We are very lucky to be included in such amazing company.

GAM’s hard-working and devoted curators, Julia and Tarah, have put together a slick catalog of the works: http://www.theoctopusclub.com/paperpresents/

Gallery hours for this week are :

  • Thursday from 11 am – 5 pm
  • Friday and Saturday from 11 am – 6 pm.